Get Lost Jem Rolls is an education. Rolls spontaneously mixes and matches tales of his travels all around the world, with the help of cue cards safeguarded by both himself and the audience. From Mexico to Malaysia, from the Amazon rainforest to the English countryside, Rolls chews on the scenery and chews over the behaviour of the people he meets.

Poetry and monologue are his formats, and hearty laughter is his clear aim. His anecdotes are simple and often silly, but also include a strong undercurrent of cynicism-stomping joie-de-vivre. He harbours a wilful love for our diverse world and every location and human being on it, and this love is virulently infectious.

Rolls displays incredible stamina, as his delivery style involves grandiose projection of voice and emotion. There are a few stumbles and confusing moments, but nothing capable of diminishing one’s enjoyment and hunger for more. Anticipation to hear more of the stories teased out mingles with patience, a certain satisfaction with the sights and sounds of the present moment, creating a well-tuned continuum of entertainment.

The Bottom Line

Get Lost distills and concentrates the pleasure of having a story told to you by an acquaintance just arrived from distant parts. It is a lovely way to spend an hour of your Fringe schedule.